Creating a Garden


Gardens are all very individual and are created with many different considerations.  It is  important they are designed to meet client wishes, they sit comfortably with the adjoining property and within their  surrounding environment.  

A full garden design includes a site survey, creation of a bespoke master plan, mood boards, construction drawings and planting plans. This is ideal if you wish to redesign your whole garden, reconsidering everything from hard landscaping through to planting.

However, if you have a specific area of the garden that requires attention, I can make design suggestions or create planting plans, individually developed for the situation in your garden.

Additionally, if you would like advice around pruning, soil improvement, seasonal tasks or other gardening quandries, I can offer horticultural consultation.  This would include a visit to your garden, a discussion surrounding your queries, all followed up by a report giving guidance or suggestions.


I  would be delighted to have an initial conversation to understand your requirements and to find out how I may be able to help.